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What we do

Karaktero is a management consultancy offering strategic communication and brand reputation advice to leaders.

We leverage extensive industry experience to deliver expert communications and business strategies, enabling growth, transformational change, and effective stakeholder engagement.

A unique dual aspect approach

We combine business savvy with extensive communications, brand and stakeholder engagement experience to co-develop communications strategy and business strategy.

We believe that building and managing a good reputation can only be realized when the brand promise – the combination of what the company, management and strategy actually stands for – is close to what stakeholders experience.

We understand business and technology across most industries and are also familiar with the special needs of the C-suite, founders and chairmen. This combination of business savvy and executive insight, together with extensive communications industry experience, earns us the attention of the decision-makers.

Our work includes:

  • Developing or reviewing strategies to achieve defined business goals
  • Establishing criteria and indicators to track and manage success
  • Identifying influential forces and establishing pertinent relationships
  • Reviewing and designing organizations to support strategy execution and transformation
  • Coaching and counselling leaders to effectively execute their strategies or transformations with stakeholders’ support
  • Reviewing and assessing service providers to ensure their optimum utilization

At Karaktero, we facilitate successful strategy, business model or management changes by ensuring these are understood and supported by the key players.

Our objective is to support organisations and leaders in obtaining the critical and sometimes elusive societal operating license.

What makes us different

Provides a framework for your organization to develop effective stakeholder relationships, anticipate and manage potential problems and opportunities, and become more adaptable to the changing world and business needs.

We define success upfront and commit to it.
We use our proven methodology.
We embrace new technologies.
We understand businesstechnology and science.
And we continuously listen to, and learn from, your feedback and input.


Using our unique methodology, Karaktero embraces working together with other management consultancies and PR/PA agencies to achieve our client’s goals.