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Brand and Reputation Strategy & Management

Integration of your organization’s overall purpose and long-term vision with internal capabilities and external factors.We plan and advise on policies, procedures, and activities that demonstrate an organization’s commitment to the public and ensures alignment of the brand promise and stakeholder experience.

Organizational Design & Development

Maximization of your organisation’s resources through the integration of structure, processes, and people to achieve your strategic aims.

Business Strategy & Communications Strategy

We facilitate co-development of your business and communications strategies, ensuring communications has an input in the business strategy. This enables the alignment of the two vital pieces for building and managing good reputation – your brand promise + your stakeholder experience.

Benchmarking & Competitive Analysis

We use a collection of metrics to measure your organization’s performance against competitors to gain insight which inform business & communications strategy.

Communications Consulting

We help develop communications objectives that are consistent with your organization’s overall goals. We identify stakeholders and audiences and devise long-term strategies and tactics to reach them.


Performance Assessment

We conduct a systematic process to gain insight about the performance of your organization, paying attention to the factors affecting performance and attainment of your vision and goals.

Karaktero's 10-step plan to reputation management.

Manage my reputation

Our Process

The Karaktero approach to reputation management

Building on over 25 years industry experience we have developed a universally applicable approach to reputation management.

In each case where this approach was applied, the measured net-value of the desired reputation doubled in less than three years without a single additional resource.

We have outlined the essence of this approach via a 10-step plan to steer the reputation of a company in a predictable way.

To find out more about our 10-step plan please click on the ‘Manage my reputation’ button above.

Why Karaktero

  • We define success upfront and commit to it.
  • We use our proven methodology.
  • We embrace new technologies.
  • We understand business, technology and science.
  • We continuously listen to, and learn from, your feedback and input.

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