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Karaktero is a global management consultancy which works in collaboration with strategy consultants and communication executives internationally.

The company launched in Germany and the United Kingdom and will be adding satellites in Switzerland, China and the USA next.

The leadership

Herbert Heitmann
Founder and Managing Partner

Communications executive with nearly 25 years of experience across industries with a comprehensive set of stakeholders for globally leading brands and outstanding leaders. An initial career as an engineer and scientist highlighted the importance of closing the gap between perception and reality. This became the driving force for my professional development – from science to government to innovation-driven industries. Pairing business strategy with stakeholders expectations is the basis for my success. My passion is to professionalize the communications functions that I lead towards delivering predictable, tangible outcomes. This is also the driving force behind the creation of the EACD and the invention of its major events, the European Communications Summit and “The Circle” of the most senior European communicators.

Carri Duncan
Managing Partner

Carri is Partner at Karaktero. She brings over a decade of Lifescience capital markets expertise in biopharma. Prior to Karaktero, Carri worked on the Buyside, Sellside, and in IR at leading multinational companies. Capital markets experience includes serving as Senior Investor Relations Manager at Bayer and Senior Equity Analyst at Macquarie. As a consultant at Egon Zehnder, Carri worked with the C-suite and senior leaders at Biotech and Pharma companies. While Equity Analyst at Credit Suisse, she established the first buyside coverage of the Biotech sector. Currently, she advises companies on Corporate Finance and Communications and also mentors startups in Lifescience.

Carri received a premed Bachelors degree, a M.S in Plant Genetics at the US-Dept of Energy PRL at MSU and a PhD in Neuroscience from the ETH in Zurich.

Lisa Bentall
Chief Operating Officer

Lisa is an experienced operations executive who is orientated towards implementation, with the dexterity to grasp the big picture while maintaining a focus on the operational details necessary for success. She is committed to the values of professional integrity, partnership, and excellence. At Karaktero, Lisa leads the execution of strategies – for both internal operational goals and strategy solutions for clients – and is driven to deliver quality results on a day-to-day basis. Lisa leverages a background spanning a range of industries including communications, consulting, financial services, travel, construction and retail; exploiting over 16 years of experience in business operations, development and management. In addition to her business experience, Lisa possesses advanced qualifications in Law, and Philosophy, and a BA in Politics & International Studies.

Viktor Heitmann
Junior Consultant

Viktor is Junior Consultant at Karaktero. He has studied Business Administration at St. Gallen and Stellenbosch with a strong focus on finance. Previously, he worked for a German technology start-up and a Swiss consulting firm. At Karaktero Viktor conducts research, reviews internal procedures, assists with financial reporting and accounting, assists the team in delivering a wide range of projects and plays an integral role in the successful completion of client assignments.